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Tyres, balancing and computerised road testing

If you are looking for a tyre shop in Whangarei, contact Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services.

We sell all the leading brands so no matter what you are after in a set of tyres, Vuletich Tyres can make it happen. Whether you want superior handling, pure luxury, the best dollar per kilometre value or just the best price, Brett Vuletich is who you need to see. For complete tyre and alignment solutions, visit the professionals at Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services.

Tyre fixed by our tyre shop in Whangarei, Northland using Hunter GSP9700 equipment

DSP9700 Wheel Balancer

Our wheel balancer used in our tyre shop in Whangarei, Northland


Through his years of experience, Brett Vuletich knows which tyres work best on various vehicles. He has road tested thousands of cars with various tyre brands and knows which tyres are quiet, which tyres last longer, and if you talk to him he will know what tyre will be right for your needs. Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services do everything possible to ensure that their customers are looked after and get the most out of every tyre. Brands stocked at our tyre shop in Northland include: Falken, Hankook, Mickey Thompson, Cooper, Maxxis, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, and various budget brands.


Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services is the only shop in New Zealand that has the technology to perform a computerised road test on every tyre they fit. The Hunter GSP9700 can measure many factors which can optimise handling and driver comfort as well as provide quality control on every tyre. The Hunter GSP9700 also has a 40mm spindle, making Vuletich Tyres the only tyre shop in Northland that can accurately balance tyres onto 4x4s or cars with larger wheels.

The service is unbeatable with free rotations for life, free punctures, and air pressure checks on every tyre sold. Visit us today!

Why Choose Vuletich Tyres

Your paying good money when buying tyres, you and your vehicle deserve the best!

Every tyre shop after fitting a tyre will balance the wheel before it goes on the vehicle. But Vuletich Tyres are the only tyre shop in New Zealand that not only balance the wheel they also carry out a computerised road test on it. This is extremely important and benefical for the customer as there is no such thing as two tyres being exactly the same, and no such thing as a perfectly round tyre. For example, if the tyre is starting to exceed limits for roundness and the rim is not perfectly round, the machine will determine the optimun place to put the tyre on the rim to make the least runout as possible in the assemble. This will result in better handling and comfort.

The road test also tells us if the tyre has beaded properly on the rim. Suryeys done have shown that one in four tyres fitted in NZ aren't beaded properly when fitted, and this often results in a shake occuring shortly after new tyres have been fitted. It is often thought that a weight has fallen off but in actual fact the tyre has finally beaded and in doing so moved its mass slightly causing the assembly to be unbalanced.

Also lateral pull is measured between each pair of tyres; it is extremely rare to find a pair of tyres without some lateral pull. When a tyre is made cords are placed on the case at a radial angle, if this angle differs slightly between tyres this will cause a lateral pull. We can use this lateral pull as an adjustment tool to make the vehicle hold road camber better, increasing driver comfort. In a set of non-directional or asymmetric tyres there are 12 different placement combinations. The machine allows us to work out the optimun postition for perfect handling. No other tyre shop can do this!

The machine is the only one in northland capable of balancing large wheels because it has a 40mm spindle intead of the standard 20mm spindle. Wheels have become larger and larger now and if you have a 4x4 or a car with larger wheels the 20mm spindle is not adequate for the job. It will flex and give inaccurate readings, which is why some of you can't get the shake fixed in your 4x4 or car with larger wheels.

When buying tyres from Vuletich tyres you receive all this technology for free, so why go elsewhere for less. Your paying good money when buying tyres, you and your vehicle deserves the best.

Come see us, you won't be disappointed.

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