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A wheel alignment expert in Whangarei. Northland.  Using Hunter wheel alignment equipment
Hunter equipment used by Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services in Whangarei, Northland

Contact us for precision wheel alignment in Whangarei

Brett Vuletich is an A-grade mechanic who has 20 years experience solely in wheel alignments. In that time, he has preformed over 50,000 alignments himself. Brett has a wealth of experience in any vehicle, old or new.

Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services uses the latest Hunter wheel alignment machine which has become by far the busiest machine in Northland. But remember every wheel alignment machine is only a measuring tool and the quality of the wheel alignment is totally dependant on the technician. A true and full alignment is always performed and camber/caster shims or eccentric cams are adjusted when applicable.

If you want to treat your vehicle to the latest technology as well as the most experience, Vuletich Wheel Alignment and Tyre Services is undoubtedly your best choice. Call today!

Why Choose Vuletich Wheel Alignment

If your about to have a wheel alignment you might as well have it done right!

When I started doing alignments 22 years ago there was no such thing as a non-mechanic doing alignments, it just wasn't heard of. Then one by one wheel alignment machines started popping up in tyre shops and the same day a sign would appear saying 'specialist'. Let me ask you something, if I purchased a piano would that straight away make me an expert pianist?

Next time you inquire about an alignment, ask if the person is qualified to do the job. Ask if they will correct camber and caster angles using shims or cams, and ask if they are going to set up torsion bar ride heights. If they cannot answer any of these questions or are sheepish about them, it would be guaranteed that you are wasting your time and hard earned money.

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